Who We Are

Hello! Thank you for visiting our website. Let me take a minute to tell you what we are all about. I’m a Mom of two little girls. Two little girls who I think should know the names and the stories of the women who came before us. The women who made so many of the worlds discoveries, inventions, advancements, and who sparked change. Women who Succeeded, and women who failed. Scientists, Soldiers, Leaders, Writers, Athletes, Academics……the list is long! When my child comes home from school on presidents day my wish is for her to know not only the names George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln as she did this year, but to know the names Victoria Woodhull, the first female to run for president, and Shirley Chisholm, the first African American Woman to run for president. Statistics show that the stories we hear are dominated by men and boys, adventuring and exploring, fighting, and saving, discovering and inventing. ┬áThe stories we tell our children must include these women, the women that throughout history were told to stay in the kitchen, do their duties, and raise their children. Women who decided to do all of those things while also fighting for an education or a career, or rights. I started this project as a way to┬áraise my daughters as Feminists.

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